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Welcome to Monterey, one of Australia's leading producers of quality Murray Grey genetics. We are commercially focussed, supplying bulls, females, semen and embryos to a wide range of stud and commercial clients. Our herd is renowned for the calibre of animals produced, and since our inception, we've selected for large, fast growing, easy doing, structurally correct females with outstanding milk and udder qualities.

The cornerstones of our breeding programme are:

fertility, structure, growth and temperament.

We believe that as stud breeders, we should constantly evaluate the animals produced in our herd by comparing them with the best from elsewhere. Our cattle have competed at every level, whether it be in bull trials, Breedplan performance, carcase competitions, feed efficiency trials and stud show classes. We don't just claim our cattle perform - they do, with a record second to none.

Our genetics are continuing to produce the goods for breeders across the country- the strength of our sire battery is illustrated by the number of Monterey bulls in service at the present time, backed up by the strong representation of our sires on Murray Grey Group Breedplan.

Group Breedplan statistics for Monterey bulls:

33 Monterey Sires are listed on the Group Breedplan main Sires List, more than double that of any other stud. Of these, 25 are traitleaders in the breed for at least 1 trait and many are multi-traitleaders.

With 280 "Q" drop calves currently on the ground, we have the numbers and scope for optimum natural selection. All cattle are run in large mobs, particularly the weaners, and they have to compete in a mob environment without any special favours. Those that “float to the top” are indeed very good cattle.


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2020 Winter Sale

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